efence for Wordpress

Simple and Easy CAPTCHA. Protects WordPress forms but very user friendly. Picture based CAPTCHA help user to solve CAPTCHA in less time and easier way, however, malicious bots don't get the same luxury. Very effective for mobile and tablets. We don't even call it CAPTCHA becuase it so effective and yet so friendly. Who doesn't love tapping on mobile and tablets? Rather, I should ask if anyone love typing on mobile? We also provide great control and flexibility in creating targeted brand images as pictures for guaranteed engagement. The same CAPTCHA provides a space where you can find a dedicated eyeball. You can place your own branding images, cross-sell, or advertise from external resources.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Installation

1. Unzip the zip file provided by efence into a directory. As per instruction below, copy the "efence" folder into the "wordpress\wp-content\plugins" folder.

Step 2: Configuration

1. Login to the admin panel of Wordpress and click on "Plugins" from the sidebar.

2. Look for "efence" plugin.

3. Click on "Activate" link.

4. Click on the settings link for the "efence" plugin. This would open the settings page for efence.

5. If you already have an account with efence and have your efence parameters handy with you, key in the Public Key, Private Key and ZoneId in the Authentication section in the right panel. You can also login with the efence username/password in the left section in order to import your configuration parameters automatically.

6. If you are new to efence, please register yourself using the Registration Section in the left panel.

7. Choose the layout settings for efence challenge. This would register a default ZoneId for you.

8. Click on "Do Human verification to register" to complete the registration.

9. As the registration completes, all the Authentication parameters will get filled automatically.

10. Configure efence for the pages and key in the values for the parameters like "Error Message", "Theme" etc.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to obtain Public Key, Private Key and ZoneId?

For activating efence, you need a Public Key, Private Key and ZoneId that has been configured for you. Logon to efence.engageclick.com and register yourself as a member. Then create a page in order to get your public key, private key and zoneId.

2. I installed the efence plugin but the captcha is still not visible on the pages?

Check whether the efence plugin is enabled and is configured for the page you are testing the captcha for. E.g. If you want the efence captcha to be visible on User Registration page, you should configure it on the efence configuration page. Also check whether the public_key, private_key and zone_ids are set correctly.


Wordpress registration page being protected by efence.